Eggbox Studios range of creative services have grown to include CGI, animation and visualisation for a wide range of industries including, but not limited to:

Architectural Visualisation

Where it all started - Beautifully rendered, photo-real images and animations to market property, ease planning applications and aid with public consultation.

We can offer a range of services to developers, marketing agencies and architects - give us a call

Product Visualisation

From a simple sketch or detailed CAD model we can showcase your product with physically accurate lighting and materials. Perhaps you want to market before the product has been created, prototype some designs or demonstrate a feature

Let's chat about your needs.


Anything can be animated - we've worked with somersaulting ducks, karate chopping zombies, cowboy blasting robots, blood pumping cars, adrenaline fuelled pinball...

We want to talk about your big ideas and bring them to life

Motion Graphics & Visual Effects

VFX are not always big explosions, towering monsters or cyborg limb replacements, they can be simple set extensions and replacements, muzzle flashes, wire removal, dirt and blood spatter, text replacements - or adding realistic flame and smoke to a sparkler so that it looks like a flare.

Whether it's advice and supervision before shooting or post production work afterwards, we can plan what you need.

Working either directly to customer or as an outsource partner for agencies and studios we are able to scale infinitely to accommodate your requirements while maintaining best value throughout the production process.


Our aim is to develop a working relationship which lasts beyond the project.