Architectural Visualisation was the core service of Eggbox Studios from the moment it started in 2006. The first projects to come through the door were the £4.8m redevelopment of Felixstowe Pier, £8m apartment and entertainment complex at Sandown, Isle of Wight and residential developments with 3 of the top 5 property developers in the UK.

Usage and Benefits

The most common ways that architectural visualisations are used include marketing, planning applications and public consultation.

CGI’s for property marketing are the most common way to promote developments and attract customers. Even before a brick has been laid the development can be marketed and sales can be made, regardless of the customers location. Beyond the standard exterior and interior visuals, customisation tools, 360 tours, and VR and AR apps can be created.

For architects CGI’s can be used to help with planning applications. By reducing the possibility of misinterpretation the likelihood of an application being rejected is also reduced. Photo compositions can show the impact of the development on the surrounding area from a first person perspective.

As well as planning applications, CGI’s can help with public consultation. By sharing proposed views of a development with the public architects and developers can gauge public opinion and put to rest any concerns they have.

Additional uses include light studies. It is possible to position the development precisely and show the effect of daylight through the seasons. Artificial lighting, with specific manufacturers lighting products, can also show their effect with scientific accuracy.

Cost implications and considerations

As with any marketing strategy, architectural CGI’s should produce more revenue than the initial cost. They can bring in sales before ground works have even begun, providing important cash-flow. They can alleviate tensions from the public and authorities, smoothing the planning and development phase.

For residential developments the cost per property can usually be reduced as the number of CGI’s increases. The reason for this is because properties from the same development often share features and materials.

Visuals are usually produced like a film set with only the elements that are seen from that angle being created. If multiple angles are required more of the model is built which sometimes increases the cost slightly.

We have a library of items which can be used to populate a scene. The more specific an item needs to be the more likely it is that it will be custom made. Take this into consideration when specifying any props for the scene.

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