Product Visualisation is one of Eggbox Studios key services, helping household brands such as Mars, Nestle and Unilever to prototype their designs and market their products.

Usage and Benefits

Product visualisation has come into it’s own during 2020, with access to studios and locations becoming difficult for traditional photography and video shoots.

Virtual product shoots can be art directed in the same way as a traditional shoot but with the benefits of difficult or impossible shots being easily accessible.

  • You want to suspend a car in mid-air – No problem!
  • Beer cans on a tropical beach in mid-February with minimal budget? – Absolutely!
  • Studio shots in the middle of a national lockdown with a product which hasn’t been manufactured yet? – All in a day’s work!

Cost implications and considerations

Sometimes a complex looking model can be very simple to produce and a simple looking one can be very difficult. There are so many variables in producing CGI that it’s always beneficial to see examples of what you require.

Visuals are usually produced like a film set with only the elements that are seen from that angle being created. If multiple angles are required more of the model is built which sometimes increases the cost slightly.

We have a library of items which can be used to populate a scene and we can composite into photo or video backgrounds if required.

Useful links

If you’d like animation or video compositions created the following pages might be beneficial:


Visual Effects and Motion Graphics

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